Four things we believe about research.

  • Research is about finding out stuff – For us, it is not about generating research outputs that begin with words and end with words. We like to develop research that makes a difference in the communities and organisations we serve.
  • Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.12.23 pmResearch is about engagement and development – The research process enables us to engage with people that our clients may not normally encounter, make connections and create synergies. Good research is a catalyst for community and organisational development.
  • Researchers use a range of tools – Most situations are complex. Complimentary tools help a research team to develop a rich story of current reality and future possibilities.
  • Its best to focus on what is working – If you want to find fault you will find it, but it may not lead to useful change. Wherever possible, we take an appreciative approach – identifying what is working and building on it.

Our services

Our services include:

  • social and economic impact reports
  • customer and stakeholder feedback
  • feasibility studies
  • web and database searches
  • sustainability reports
  • engagement and development services
  • business transformation and change processes
  • employee engagement
  • learning and development support (including learning)


Foundational ideas

Here is a little more depth about the ideas above.

Appreciative inquiry

Our research uses it as a guiding epistemology. This is significant in that the AI kaupapa (methods) can help to accelerate the shift in discourse from deficit-based discourse to strengths-based discourse. more

this page is under construction


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